Kinect penalty shoot
Kinect Volleyball
Event production + creation of multitouch, VR and AR activations
Bringing a real person into virtual world as an avatar
Virtual Reality Museum of the famous scientist
social bar



VJDJ // body controlled music player

VJDJ interactive installation opens a new frontier in person's interaction with music and visual effects. Reacting to body motion and interaction with virtual environment a person can control not only the music but also many instruments and effects at the same time. Installation is both fun and extremely engaging once you try it and feel the power of controlling your own musical score with your body.

Every innovative solution begins with a well-thought-out strategy. Envisioning smarter digital projects, shaped to meet your goals. Creating a successful digital project requires planning and every step of the process needs to be well thought and understood for the early start. We help our clients in understanding the technology, what it can do for them, and how they can utilize digital communication to expand their businesses. Strategy and consulting is what we do and a successful partnership is our priority.

Digital Mind specializes in creating effective, integrated, and powerful solutions, ranging from interactive installations, hardware and software products, websites, mobile apps, portals, interactive and custom web solutions.
Our goal is to bring innovation in digital communication thus achieving greater visibility and impact on customers.

Today, every interactive installation, a game, even a website needs 3D and 2D modeling and animation. Digital Mind specializes in modeling of both real-world objects but also covers game modeling in both 2D and 3D technology.
We utilize 3D scanning and photogrammetry technologies for bringing real life objects and architectural sites in virtual environments. From 3D scanning cultural heritage objects to making 3d scans for holographic installations, we can cover all your needs in 2D and 3D arena.

Today’s events implement wide range of digital technologies in order to impress audiences. From projection mapping, interactive installations, digital lightshows, holographic installations to promotion of events both offline and online, everything is turning to digital. We are here to make your events even more spectacular then you can imagine.

Digital Mind both sells and rents its own products. We can rent holographic pyramids, digital stands, digital pinballs, while providing the necessary technical support. We can also deliver customized content for these devices based on the client’s needs.
We are also renting Apple iPads, LCD TVs, 3D LCD TVs, projectors, computer equipment and other hardware components. Send us your requirements and we will reply with our best offer.

We’re there when you need us.
Whether we have created a large project for you or just one time event, we are committed into best customer service there is. Support and maintenance is the key of creating successful relationship with your customers. We build with longevity and sustainability in mind. Our support and maintenance services let us keep working after your project is launched to ensure that it’s secure and constantly improving.

Projecting digital image over architecture or objects has become very popular in the last couple of years. Projectors have grown in strength and 3D mapping techniques allow us to virtually map complex objects and transform them into incredible animated structures. Projection on complex architectural objects from multiple projection sources allows us to cover almost every corner of a desired building with animated content.

Overlapping virtual world with real world has been a dream for many science fiction writers. Today we are rapidly approaching such reality, as we are able to overlap precisely placed virtual objects over real-time camera image. Virtual objects are in full 3D and can be animated and we can interact with them, too. As augmented reality allows us not only to place objects on top of predefined codes, we are also able to detect objects and substitute them with virtual objects.

Holograms provide almost magical experiences for audience looking at holographic installations. They come in various forms, like pyramids, cubes, or custom installations. Holograms are best used in overlay with real-life objects as they can provide additional information or animated content that can float in the air surrounding an object. Such installations create attractive product presentation and represent new way to communicate a product.

A surface reacting to touch or movement provides user ability to directly interact with digital content. Whether the touch surface is horizontal or vertical, they can be produced to be large and continues. Such surfaces have ability to detect objects that are placed on top of them, thus opening new possibilities of person’s interaction with real world objects. Interactive bars are example of implementation of interactive surfaces which are made into continues, couple of meters long digital surface that reacts to objects.

Motion tracking is nowadays a standard approach for creating engaging and entertaining user experiences. With emerges of integrated tracking hardware like Micorsoft Kinect real-time full body motion tracking becomes reality in almost all environments. These 3D sensors allow us not only to see the body movement but also provide us with understanding of depth so we can detect layers in acquired camera feeds and use that to know each person’s position in space.

Laser tracking provides an interesting approach from creating interactive installations. Using lasers and high speed cameras we are able to track movement of multiple points in space. Laser point or laser line that is projected on specific surface can be detected and linked to other devices to provide interactivity and visual effects. Connected devices can range from projects, screens or sound sources, providing us with limitless creative possibilities.


Just got our hands on Microsoft HoloLens
We are starting development for Microsoft HoloLens, first holographic mobile computer. It promises to extend our work on VR and AR projects
Digital Mind is developing Virtual Reality Museum of Nikola Tesla
Authored by Vitomir Jevremovic, sponsored by Direct Media in partnership with Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade
We won funding contract for short animated movie "Once upon a time"
Film Center Serbia awarded funds for short animated prequel of Serbian fairy-tale Bas Celik
National Tourism Organisation of Serbia with Digital Mind on WTM in London
On Serbia's stand on WTM we presented MUZZEUM, holographic heritage and special mobile application


Kinect penalty shoot
Kinect Volleyball
Event production + creation of multitouch, VR and AR activations
Bringing a real person into virtual world as an avatar


Smirnoff bartender game with realistic fluid simulation
Rotate the sphere to find the right angle where picture appears
Multilayer horizontal scrolling hidden object game developed for Camel
Interactive 3D city game where the player is collecting brand messages

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